Hello and Welcome!

You may have found your way to my website by sending or receiving one of my greeting cards. I’ve been fortunate to be one of the artists for Recycled Paper Greetings for more than 25 years, and during this time I’ve explored many different styles of art.

This website is a chance for me to share the range of my art—lots of work you’ve probably never seen before. The work I do changes and evolves, just as I do. My inspiration comes from nature and from beautiful, uplifting words. It’s a natural marriage for me to paint what I love and see around me—flowers, birds, butterflies—and to combine these images with uplifting quotes. I chose quotes that inspire me personally, thoughts I want to remember on a daily basis. I hope you, too, find them inspiring. Most of the images I paint come from my own gardens or from roadsides and meadows nearby.

My husband, Kevin, and I live in upstate New York in a small historic town filled with 17th-century Dutch stone houses. All around us are beautiful mountains, farmlands, and the wide and sparkling Hudson River. So, the inspiration for my work is everywhere in my world.

I’d love to share more with you, and if you sign up for my blog posts, we’ll stay in touch.

It’s my sincere hope that my art touches your heart and lightens your day.