To introduce myself, I will say that I began drawing when I was a young teenager. Art was a refuge, a safe place to find solace amidst the tumult of my junior high years (just saying “junior high years” can cause those of us who’ve lived through them to shudder).

My best friend and I would drag ourselves home from school and roll out a six-foot long piece of crisp white art paper onto her living room floor. With pencils and markers in hand, we’d draw for hours. All the cares of the day would fall away. Art was our heaven.

I never dreamt it was possible to draw and paint for a living, but that’s what happened. Of course, it didn’t just happen. I studied art in college and then worked different jobs part-time. Working part-time (as opposed to full-time) was a conscious choice that guaranteed time for my art. It also guaranteed these would be lean years. That was okay. I was paying my dues.

I sought out established artists and asked them if they would be willing to mentor me. They all said yes. I have often found artists to be very generous people who love to help other artists succeed. Joining the Graphic Artists Guild, I met my peers—other artists who had a dream they could be working artists. We had potluck dinners, shared important practical information about earning a living as professional artists, and most importantly, we encouraged each other.

While working as a secretary, I submitted some card ideas to Recycled Paper Greetings. They tested my work and one of the designs tested at number one. I knew then that I had found something I loved to do, and possibly could support myself doing it. A few years later, I made the leap to being a full-time artist. It’s been twenty-five years and here I am— still drawing and painting—still exploring and experimenting.

When my husband and I moved to the Hudson Valley region of New York, I planted my first flower garden. I fell in love with gardening and with painting the portraits of the flowers I grew. A whole new world opened to me. Following my heart, my art changed to reflect the beauty I found each day in my gardens.

And now, with this blog, I’m once again following my heart by expanding my creative expression to writing. I’d love to share with you some stories and thoughts on life experiences that have been meaningful to me.

That’s it in a nutshell. Thank you so much for stopping by!

My very best to you,